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Blue Ribbon Kids
By Laws
By Laws
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Blue Ribbon Kids By-Laws


            Article I-Name and Location

                        Section 1.  Name of 4-H Club shall Blue Ribbon Kids

Section 2.  Location of 4-H Club meeting shall be in the Ripley Life Squad Building unless otherwise announced.

            Article II-Membership

Section 1.  4-H Members and cloverbuds are youth in kindergarten to 18 years of age and has not passed his or her 19th birthday on January 1 of current year.

Section 2.  Yearly dues will be set at the January meeting.

            Article III-Meetings

Section 1.  Annual Achievement Meeting will be held the month following the Brown County Fair.

Section 2.  Regular Meetings shall be once per month on the third Sunday of every month.

Section 3.  Location of Meetings will be set at beginning of year and stated on a yearly calendar, unless otherwise announced.

Section 4.  Notice of Meetings will be posted on monthly newsletter.

Section 5.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the meetings.

Section 6.  4-H members must attend 6 meetings per year to show at the Brown County Fair.

            Article IV-Officers

Section 1.  Election of officers will be at the February Meeting, installment shall be at the February meeting.

Section 2.  Duties of the President-Prepares an agenda and presides at all meetings.  Understands and follows basic parliamentary procedure.  Appoints committees.  Works with advisors to insure that each meeting runs effectively.

Section 3.  Duties of Vice President-Presides over the meeting in the absence of the President.  Serves as chairman of the program planning committee.  Coordinates the work of committees.

Section 4.  Duties of Secretary-Keeps complete and accurate minutes of each business meeting.  Writes club correspondence.  Records attendance of members and advisors.

Section 5.  Duties of Treasurer-Handles club money.  Maintains accurate and current financial records.

Section 6.  Duties of Health and Safety Officers-Helps members understand health and safety principles.

Section 7.  Duties of News Reporter-Writes interesting and accurate reports of the club meetings and special activities.  Sends report of meetings and activities to local media.

Section 8.  Duties of Recreation Officer-Plans and leads recreation at each meeting.  Plans special events and parties.  Involves other members in leading recreational activities.

Section 9.  Duties of Historian Officer-Maintains a club scrapbook.

Section 10.  Duties of Environmental Officer-Inform club members of preserving the environment.

Section 11.  Duties of Inspirational Officer-Provide inspiration for the club.

Section 12.  Duties of Energy Officer-Provide club members with energy ideas.

Section 13.  Duties of Litter Officer-Teach club members litter conservation.

            Article V-Committees

                        Section 1.  Awards

                        Section 2.  Constitution and By-Laws

                        Section 3.  Community Service

                        Section 4.  Fund Raising

                        Section 5.  Special

            Article VI-Demonstrations

Section 1.  Every club member will have the option to do one demonstration per year, must be from one of the projects taken current year. 

            Article VII-Community Service

Section 1.  Every club member will be required to participate in 3 community service projects along with other club members. 

Section 2.  Each club member not participating in 3 community service projects will not receive a fair pass for the current year.     

Article VIII-Meeting Agenda

1.      Call to Order

2.      American and 4-H Pledge

3.      Roll Call

4.  Cloverbuds excused for their meeting

5.     Minutes of previous meeting and approval

6.      Treasurer’s Report and approval

7.      Officer Reports

8.      Demonstrations

9.      Committee Reports

10.    Old Business

11.  New Business

12.  Advisor Reports

13.  Adjournment

Article IX-Amendments

The by-laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the 4-H Club by a 2/3 majority vote of those present.


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