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Blue Ribbon Kids
February/March Newsletter
By Laws
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Officer elections were held during the February 22 meeting and new officers will be installed at the March 28 Meeting.


2004 Officers are:

President-Amanda Reveal; Vice President-Jessica Reveal; Secretary-Bernadette Bahnsen; Treasurer-Austin Bahnsen; Litter-Katie McClain; Health-Amanda McClain; Safety-Dana Webb; Recreation-Jared Reveal; News Reporter-Kylie Wright; Energy-Maxwell Carpenter; Environmental-Morgan Wright; Historian-Jamie Arnold; Inspirational-Ashley Temple


Upcoming dates to remember:

March 28 4 H Meeting at 3pm

April 4 Daylight Savings Begin

April 25 4H Meeting at 3pm


Calendar for year

Please bring all ideas for club meetings to the March meeting.  We will make the calendar for the year during this meeting.


Candy Bars

All candy bar sales money due at the March 28th meeting



Reminder club dues are due at the March meeting.  $10 for older members and $5 for cloverbuds.


Enrollment Forms

All enrollment forms are due at the March 28th meeting.  Project books have to be ordered at this time.  No late orders can be accepted. 


Project Books

The cost per project will be $5.00 per project book.  Due before project books can be received.



We will be ordering T-shirts at the April Meeting.  We will be voting on the style of shirt at the March 28th meeting.  Please bring in your design for the T-shirt.  The winning design will be on the shirts, be creative.  T-shirts will cost approx. $5.


Quality Assurance

First year members taking an animal to the fair is required to attend a Quality Assurance clinic.  The QA clinic will be at the Southern Hills Vocational School on May 25th at 7:00 p.m.  Other members can take the QA quiz that will be sent with tag in information.


Club Website

Our club website can be visited at


Happy Birthday to the following 4H member

March 3 Holly OHara